Technology + Solutions analyst

Nathan Hopwood

Nathan began his journey with the Greybull team as an intern in 2022 while completing his undergraduate studies at Arizona State University. In 2023, he was onboarded full-time as Greybull’s Technology & Data Solutions Analyst. 

Before Greybull, Nathan was a full-time student completing a degree in Computer Information Systems, and a certificate in Applied Business Data Analytics. He spent time during undergrad working with the General Services Administration of the federal government building out data-driven dashboards. Here he found that he wanted to work in an environment that would bring unique challenges that inspire and enable growth. This led him to Greybull where he took an internship to build back-end processes that streamlined data collection.

Now, Nathan works to find ways to leverage our existing technology tools to improve internal workflows and test new ideas for the company. Coming out of university he brings a fresh view and raw technology skills to help unlock the potential of our systems. Nathan primarily uses Java and Python for both his professional and personal projects. He lives in Seattle Washington and spends his excess time on personal technology solutions or going out to visit the local mountains.