Perfect Partner for Unique Businesses.

Our purpose is to create a perfect investment partner for your business. We believe in being supportive when requested; offering thoughtful, timely assistance with big decisions; making sure we do no harm; and celebrating company uniqueness.

More Flexibility. Fewer Constraints.

We offer you more flexibility and fewer constraints than most investors because of our unique structure. We do not negatively change companies by forcing aggressive growth rates, forcing ‘exits’, or dictating strategic and operational decisions

Invest to hold, not to force an ‘exit’.

Many investors begin looking for the exit before they enter. With Greybull Stewardship, your company strategy remains up to you, including whether and when to sell the company or take more investment.

Partnership of Business Owners.

We understand business owners because we are also business owners. We joined together because we saw a need for a fund where unique businesses would not be forced to fit into the formulas of Wall Street private equity or Silicon Valley venture capital.

Greybull Stewardship Seeks Investments that Offer:


Consistent Small Business EarningsConsistent earnings of $500,000 to $5,000,000 in pre-tax profit. No turnarounds or unproven business models or technology.


All Star Management TeamsA strong management team already in place. You manage your business just as you do now and we provide support as requested.


Reasonable Small Business GrowthWe love profitable, fast growth — who doesn’t!  We also love reasonable and measured growth that will not set any records.


Majority or Minority OwnershipWe are comfortable with either majority or minority ownership and when our co-owners welcome our participation in major decisions.

We look forward to corresponding with you!

If you are a business owner, please feel free to introduce yourself and contact us.  We believe in building relationships and welcome your inquiries.