We invest in established smaller businesses with the potential to grow.

Greybull Stewardship Mountain Stream

Our story

Based on his experience as a successful entrepreneur, operator, and investor, Mason Myers came to recognize that many high-quality smaller businesses do not have access to financial capital or know-how required to scale. Greybull Stewardship was launched in 2010 with a singular purpose of helping smaller US-based private businesses reach the next stage of growth.

Our approach

Greybull Stewardship | Identify attractive small businesses poised for growth
Identify attractive smaller businesses poised for growth

We utilize our extensive network and expertise to identify attractive smaller businesses.

Greybull Stewardship | Ascertain capital and resource needs
Ascertain capital and resource needs

One size doesn’t fit all.  We strive to find the right solution for the businesses and people involved. 


Our structured dealmaking process makes it easier for business owners to transact.

Bend the growth curve

We support management teams by clarifying the strategic direction, identifying pain points, and building teams.

Greybull Stewardship | Long term partnership
Long term partnership

We work with management teams to achieve long-term growth objectives.