About Us

We identify, invest in, and grow smaller businesses ready to make the leap.

Our Name

Our name reflects our values that are more Main Street than Wall Street. ‘Greybull’ is a small town in Wyoming where Mason Myers was born. ‘Stewardship’ indicates our commitment to long-term partnerships with our businesses.   

Our Commitments


We are committed to small businesses.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy, yet many face obstacles to growth.  We are singularly focused on helping our businesses write the next chapter of their growth.


We are committed to being the best partner to founders and management teams.

We create the right incentives to foster ownership mentality within our management teams.


We are committed to being flexible and responsive.

One size doesn’t fit all.  We create different deal structures for different businesses. We also offer our investors flexibility, providing multiple ways to invest in our funds.


We are committed to practicing what we preach.

We’re the largest individual investors in our funds and are focused on fund performance, not size. We’re not temped by the swan song of large pools of capital and management fees.  We strongly believe that the best opportunities are found in our chosen niche.  As such, we judiciously raise and deploy capital.

Our Approach

Our disciplined approach honed over more than a decade helps us identify, invest in, and grow small businesses ready to make the leap.

Greybull Stewardship | Identify attractive small businesses poised for growth

Identify attractive smaller businesses poised for growth.

We identify attractive smaller businesses utilizing our extensive network of brokers, bankers, LP, and portfolio company referrals, as well as our domain and business expertise developed over decades of investing and operating small businesses.


Ascertain capital and resource needs.

One size doesn’t fit all.  We strive to find the right solutions for business owners, founders, management teams, and employees.

Greybull Stewardship | Ascertain capital and resource needs


Our highly-structured deal making process makes it easier for business owners to transact.


Bend the growth curve.

We support the management team in clarifying the strategic direction, identifying pain points preventing growth, improving incentives, and building out managing teams.

Greybull Stewardship | Long term partnership

Long term partnership.

Our goal is to maintain close dialog with management teams to support long-term growth initiatives.