Operating Partner, Recruiting

Jennifer Hiatt

In 2020, Jennifer began assisting Greybull Stewardship to recruit high level talent and enhance the human resource functions for Greybull Stewardship and the portfolio companies. Jennifer believes great companies start with great leaders and she invests in the art and science of the search process.

“The bedrock of our companies is human capital. We strive to find the right talent at the right time.”

Jennifer grew up in Arizona and has spent her whole life in the Mountain West. Jennifer is a graduate of Arizona State University, where she earned her Master of Education degree and a BA in English. She served as the board chair of three non-profit organizations, including the Girl Scouts and two Humane Societies. She spearheaded a successful capital campaign for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona.

Previously, Jennifer held the position of Senior Associate at Spelman Johnson, a higher education executive search firm, where she successfully managed over 140 searches. Jennifer also served in executive positions at four higher education institutions including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and New Mexico State University.

Jennifer enjoys the outdoors, the art of “tinkering”, and spending time traveling between Arizona, Oklahoma, and Colorado.