Founder and CEO

Mason Myers

Mason founded Greybull in 2010 with the belief that traditional venture capital or private equity investors often overlook the enormous investment opportunities associated with proven small businesses that have the potential to grow.

Born in a small town east of Yellowstone National Park, his father’s newspaper editor job moved the family to Omaha, Nebraska where Mason spent his childhood. Mason left the Midwest to study Public Policy at Duke but remained a fan of fellow cornhusker Warren Buffet and was inspired by his long-term investment strategy. Mason participated in two IPOs (Student Advantage and Zipcar), then received his MBA at Harvard Business School.

After graduating from HBS, Mason focused on buying a small, proven business with potential to grow and landed in the post-secondary education space, buying National Holistic Institute in Northern California. As CEO, he grew the business from a small school focusing on training massage therapists to a multi-campus vocational school with a national presence, before turning to his life-long goal of running a portfolio of companies.

As a former operator, Mason understands that retaining the uniqueness of a business and a good, positive culture will reap rewards over the long term.

“I’ve never been motivated by the flip. I’ve wanted to do something better. Our objectives are simple: do right by the companies we manage and the investors we serve. You can have satisfying relationships and outstanding results this way.”

With these simple values as his North Star, Mason has built a portfolio of successful companies with Greybull.

Mason married his wife, Robin, in the Tetons. Together, they enjoy the trails and beauty of Jackson, Wyoming, where they live and work.