Our Investors Partner With
A Great Asset of America:

outstanding lower middle market businesses.

Greybull Stewardship is invested in some of the best businesses in America. They are steady performing companies with strong competitive advantages managed by proven, all-star managers and co-owners. It’s an ideal situation for strong financial returns.

Unique Structure; Long-Term Orientation

To enable Greybull Stewardship to appeal to the best companies and owners, we have an “evergreen” fund structure that allows us to not force limitations on our investments. Thus, the limited partners in Greybull are supportive of our long-term investment horizons and understand that this trade-off is critical to the Greybull long term return on investment strategy.

Our Investors Are Mostly Individuals

We believe in the networking power of individual investors (usually owners of unique businesses) to assist Greybull in finding new investments and to provide helpful advice to portfolio companies when needed. Our limited partners are accredited investors.

Available for Support

Greybull Stewardship’s investors can be available to support the all-star management teams managing our investments.  They have a wide-range of business experience and contacts.

Greybull Stewardship is Limited to Accredited Investors

If you are a business owner wanting to contact Greybull Stewardship or you are an accredited investor wanting to introduce yourself, please feel free to contact us.  We believe in building relationships and welcome your inquiries.