Greybull Stewardship Invests in Main Street Gourmet

Main Street Gourmet - Custom Wholesale BakeryGreybull Stewardship became a minority investor and the largest equity owner of Main Street Gourmet through a recent recapitalization.  As Greybull Stewardship likes to do, the existing co-founders and co-CEO’s, Steve Marks and Harvey Nelson, will continue to manage the business.  We also collaborated with two independent sponsors, Dave Choe and Alex Schneider of Clover Capital.  Dave and Alex will provide very active support to Steve and Harvey with some good plans on how to create value.  We are very enthusiastic to partner with all four of them on this deal as they are very talented and energetic partners.

Main Street Gourmet bakes and supplies frozen muffins, brownies, cookies, granola, specialty desserts and other items for retailers, cafes, restaurants and delis.  It was founded in 1987.

Here is a link to the story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.