Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a perfect partner to outstanding businesses.  We believe unique, well-managed companies are a force for good in the world and we want to support them.  The way we do this is by providing private businesses a unique option when raising capital that avoids some of the risks of taking on an investor such as changing the company culture/strategy or forcing growth rates, exit timing, strategic decisions, or ways of operating. After all, a company’s unique culture and operational style is often its strategic advantage. We invest not to control, but to offer support and help as a true business partner.  We believe that unique companies should not have to conform to the constraints of the investment community, but investors should adapt to support unique companies.

Our name includes “stewardship’ because we are good stewards of the businesses in which we invest.  You have worked long and hard to make your small business unique and successful for your customers, your employees, and yourself.  We will maintain that uniqueness.  We will bring knowledge, skills, and other benefits to help you make the most of each business opportunity.

We are looking for businesses that:

  • Have consistently earned $500,000 to $5,000,000 in pre-tax profit,
  • Have a management team in place with a proven track record with the business,
  • Have reasonable prospects for growth — we love growth but do not require high growth rates, and
  • Have a desire for a majority or minority (with participation in the large decisions of the company) co-owner in Greybull Stewardship.

We respond quickly to opportunities with:

  • A clear description of the business and its competitive advantages (or moat against the competition),
  • A clear description of why the management team wants to develop this business further with Greybull Stewardship as a co-owner,
  • Achievable, reasonable plans for growth,
  • Financial statements, and
  • The company valuation at which you would accept an investment from Greybull Stewardship.

Greybull prefers businesses located in the western United States (although we haven’t been limited by this), and we do not invest in turn-around situations, unproven business models or unproven technology, companies without management or where management will leave post-investment, very capital-intensive businesses, or restaurants or retail businesses.

Greybull Stewardship is Actively Looking for New Investment Opportunities

If you are a business owner or you just want to get to know us, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your inquiries.